CCleaner 4.12.4657

A Faster Computer

Probably the most popular freeware cleaner globally with over one billion downloads since its launch in 2003. Piriform�s CCleaner is a speedy & simple to make use of program which makes your computer faster, more secure & more reliable. CCleaner removes cookies, temporary files & various other unused knowledge that clogs up your operating method. This frees up valuable hard disk space allowing your method to run faster. Removing this knowledge also protects your anonymity meaning you can browse online more securely. The built in Registry Cleaner fixes errors & broken settings to make your computer more stable. The simple, intuitive UI & speedy but powerful cleaning make CCleaner a favourite among novices & techies similar. Professional, Network, Business & Technician Editions of CCleaner are also available for serious users.

Browsing the web your computer picks up a whole host of unnecessary files, cookies & history. The same thing happens when you run most programs on your computer � plenty of temporary files & settings are saved. CCleaner removes these unused files & settings to free up valuable hard drive space, enabling your method to run faster. The default settings only focus on typical junk files & locations so you�re unlikely to lose important knowledge unless you fine-tune these. A Startup Cleaner also helps you to identify & remove unused programs jogging in the background when you start your computer. This makes the startup time shorter & puts less strain on your hard drive throughout use.

Less Crashes & Method Errors

More Secure Browsing

In case you notice plenty of method freezes, error messages & often experience crashes, the chances are your registry become cluttered with unused files & broken settings. CCleaner�s fully featured Registry Cleaner identifies these issues & fixes them. The registry analysis takes seconds & cleaning a tiny bit longer. Prompts advise you when to save backups to keep away from losing important knowledge.

Advertisers & sites track your behaviour online with cookies. Saved passwords, cached knowledge & web histories make your identity less secure. CCleaner removes these files to make your browsing experience confidential, meaning you are less likely to suffer from identity theft and/or online fraud. The military grade Drive Wiper ensures any knowledge you need to be permanently deleted, stays deleted.

Customisable Cleaning

Firefox 29.0 Beta 8

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, light and tidy open source web browser. At its public launch in 2004 Mozilla Firefox was the first browser to challenge Microsoft Web Explorer�s dominance. Since then, Mozilla Firefox has consistently featured in the top three most popular browsers globally. The key features that have made Mozilla Firefox so popular are the simple and effective UI, browser speed and strong security capabilities. The browser is popular with developers thanks to its open source development and active community of advanced users.

Simpler Browsing

Mozilla put of lots of resources in to making a simple but effective UI aimed at making browsing faster and simpler. They created the tab structure that has been adopted by most other browsers. In recent years Mozilla has also focused on maximizing browsing area by simplifying toolbar controls to a Firefox button (which contains settings and options) and back/forward buttons. The URL box features direct Google searching as well as an auto predict/history feature called Awesome Bar. On the right side of the URL box there's bookmarking, history and refresh buttons. To the right of the URL box is a search box which lets you personalize your search engine options. Outside of that a view button controls what you see below the URL. Next to that you have the download history and home buttons.



Mozilla Firefox boasts impressive page load speeds thanks to the excellent JagerMonkey JavaScript engine. Start up speed and graphics rendering are also among the quickest in the market. Firefox manages complex video and web page using layer-based Direct2D and Driect3D graphics systems. Crash protection ensures only the plugin causing the issue stops working, not the remainder of the content being browsed. Reloading the page restarts any affected plugins. The tab technique and Awesome Bar have been streamlined to launch/get results quickly .

Firefox was the first browser to introduce a private browsing feature which lets you make use of the net more anonymously and securely. History, searches, passwords, downloads, cookies and cached content are all removed on shutdown. Minimizing the chances of another user stealing your identity or finding confidential knowledge. Content security, anti-phishing expertise and antivirus/antimalware integration ensures your browsing experience is as safe as feasible.

Personalisation & Development

 of the best features of the Firefox UI is customization. Basically right click on the navigation toolbar to personalize individual parts or drag and drop items you need to move around

Windows 7 Codecs Advanced 4.5.8

All the codecs you require for Windows 7 to play AVIs, DVDs and more!

It does not contain a media player and it does not associate file-types. With the Windows 7 codec package installed it is possible for you to to make use of any media player, limited only by the players' capabilities, to play all movies and video clips. Streaming video is supported in several formats in all popular web browsers. Users of the Windows 7 media middle codecs have the ability to pick what is installed and where to put in it using the public redistributable.